Who We Are

Ash & Kat Savage

We had a dream to start a business doing something we are passionate about while serving our community. Our full time "job" is a social community group for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, where we explore the community and have a ton of fun while we are out and about. My friends choose their activities, and we make it happen!  We are passionate about inclusive experiences and opportunities for people in the I/DD community. Our future goal would be to provide competitive wage jobs for our friends in the I/DD community.

If you're interested in learning more about I/DD community or would like to support our mission to serve this amazing community email us at arossel@elevatedabilities.com

Our aquatic journey started with one 10-gallon tank and now there's a rule that we don't count... Our motto is "Do it Betta!" so, when we started, we knew we had to go above and beyond other suppliers by providing the best care for our fish. We keep our betta in 2.5-gallon tanks with sponge filters, heat and live plants. We medicate all our fish before they're available. Our tanks are heated by heat mats, and we are able to adjust temperatures of each row. They have privacy from the other betta, and we remove the dividers to get their daily exercise. 

Meet our "staff"


In charge of door security and borking at anything that comes by our home


In charge of insuring trip hazards and snacks


In charge of water quality by blblblblblbl the water and flapping in it. Other duties include but are not limited to screaming in your ear or while you're on live, telling everyone that he is Tigo, food quality checker (even if it means spilling food all over the floor) He takes his job very seriously.