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Wild Betta Hendra pair

Wild Betta Hendra pair

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Betta Hendra

Complex- Coccina

Diet- Live and frozen foods, I have been able to feed xtreme nano pellets, but they can be picky eaters so it’s best if they have frozen or live food on hand

Size – 1.5 inches

Temp 71-78F

Tank size – Minimum 5 gallon for a pair

Ph- 6-7.5 but can live in much lower ph

Reproduction- Bubble nest builder

Conservation status- vulnerable

Temperament- Peaceful

Filtration- sponge filter with a low setting, they do not like a lot of surface disruption

Lighting – They like little to no light

Environment – They live in shallow peat swamps with minimal flow. They are found in dense forest with canopy cover and tannin rich waters

Shipping & Returns

REFUND AND CANCELLATION POLICYOrders must be canceled within 12 hours of the original order to receive a full refund.After the 12 hour period has passed, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Any refunds may be charged a 20% restocking fee to offset non-refundable service charges and holding a fish that might otherwise have been sold to someone Once fish is added to your aquarium, we are not responsible for sudden deaths or illnesses. We ship healthy fish, once they are in your system, their continued good health is your responsibility. DOA policy dead on arrival I highly recommend upgrading shipping to 2 day air or overnight. Live arrival is only guaranteed on these shipping options. We do everything possible to ensure a live arrivalIf by chance your betta arrives dead we will credit you for a purchase from our store. SHIPPING IS NON REFUNDABLE you as the consumer are responsible for the shipment of live fish. IN ORDER FOR US TO HONOR A DOA OR WRONG FISH CLAIM, YOU MUST CONTACT US WITHIN 2 HOURS OF THE PACKAGE BEING DELIVERED (WE WILL USE THE TIME PROVIDED BY THE CARRIER ON THE TRACKING).Please take a picture for us showing the loss in an UNOPENED BAG- it can just be a picture taken with your smart phone. Email us at with photographs of dead fish attached.


5 Drops/Liter

18 Drops/Gallon

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